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At scaleML, we specialize in software engineering and machine learning for enterprise applications. We collaborate closely with our clients to turn their resources into real-world value.

Leading companies partner with us to advance their data and ML operations.

Leverage our data science and software engineering excellence to scale ML applications in your organization.

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Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, is capturing everyone’s attention as it drives breakthrough innovations that lead to higher levels of optimization and sustainable growth.

Many firms struggle with difficult terrain. Technological debt, coupled with a lack of senior resources, leads to losing critical momentum in the race to win with ML.

Our clients have decided to change their path for the better. At ScaleML, we have the expertise, agile mindset, and access to open-source models and proprietary algorithms to maximize our clients’ value through the adoption of ML at scale.

Together with our clients, we build the tech stack, create the culture to identify and launch the services that drive value at speed and scale on their digital transformation journeys.

Tailored solutions

Recognizing the distinct nature of our clients' business challenges and software stack, we collaborate closely to develop cutting-edge solutions that create lasting impact from day one.

Accelerated innovation

In tandem with our clients we develop pilot models that yield quantifiable outcomes right from the start. We scale ML applications across organizations, thus evolving models, MLOps and culture.

Competitive edge

We blend deep domain expertise together with our proprietary machine learning library getML to deliver more accurate ML models and quickly unlock new value creation opportunities.

Our offerings.

Turning concepts into production

From domain-specific design to live system operations, we efficiently employ Agile Scrum, serving as analytics consultants, engineers, or full-service product teams. We're dedicated to unlocking ML's full potential for your business.

Full-stack engineering

Clean code, functional programming and full-stack engineering is our philosophy. We design, develop and deploy scalable digital products and services to turn complex challenges into real business value:

Backends in Python, C++, Go, and Rust

Frontends in Typescript with React, Angular, and Vue

Infrastructure on AWS, Azure, GCP or on-site

AI and data science

Translating complex business problems into AI and data science solutions is our expertise. Drawing on years of experience, our clients achieve their goals faster through models, insights and data-driven solutions which scaleML delivers:

ML models for forecasting, classification and recommender systems

Large scale transformer based language and vision models

Actionable insights into products, services and processes

MLOps & data engineering

Transforming data assets into real world value is our business. Data is a significant growth opportunity for any organization, and we support our clients in implementing the necessary MLOps practices to fully harness it:

Data analysis and visualization platforms for exploration

Scalable and reliable data pipelines and architectures

Data migration, ingestion, processing and storage at scale

By the makers of getML — By the makers of getML — By the makers of getML — By the makers of getML

Next generation Machine Learning framework for enterprise data.

ScaleML is from the developers of getML

Relational data is the most complex type of data in today's organizations. It acts as the digital backbone and single source for all proprietary knowledge as well as transactional data.

When building ML models on relational data, organizations lose up to 90% of their budget on manual work while tying up scarce expert resources. Changing that is the mission of getML and the driving force behind our team's R&D and engineering efforts.

Working with getML’s feature learning algorithms allows for an end-to-end automation enabling superior model performance and delivering business insights. GetML is an invaluable resource in an AI race where the last percent can be worth millions.

GetML gives us a unique edge in every project

We're committed to leading in ML on enterprise data by investing in R&D and aim to openly share our tools wherever possible.

Our Assets

Community Edition

Getml is setting new standards in terms of speed and memory efficiency, by surpassing major libraries like Meta’s Prophet, AlterXY's Featuretools, and TSFRESH in public benchmarks. The Community Edition shares the Python API with our advanced Enterprise Edition and is released under the permissive ELv2 license.

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Enterprise Edition

Innovative feature learning algorithms, together with advanced AutoML tuning routines and pipelines are the standout characteristics. Prioritizing model interpretability to identify causation, a vast set of database connectors for maximum MLOps compatibility, establishes getML as a unique solution for predictive analytics on enterprise data.

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